Direct Mail and the Jacksonville Auto Industry

Marketing in the Auto Dealership Industry

There’s no doubt about it- Most Americans need their cars. If you’re familiar with the auto dealership field, then you understand how crucial it is to run a successful dealership. Whether you’re getting rid of vehicles from your lot or attracting new employees, auto dealerships undoubtedly need to capture their customer’s attention. You’re likely competing with other car dealerships in your area and it’s crucial that you shine above the rest!

What exactly helps you stand out compared to other car dealerships in your area? It’s simple: Marketing. Effective marketing strategies are crucial for increasing sales, targeting audiences, and contributing to the overall success of your dealership. It’s normal to think of practical advertising techniques and immediately think of television commercials. While commercials can still target your consumers and raise your customer base, they certainly have a downside. In order to utilize advertising channels, you have to pay money. And when you want to reach more people, you have to pay even more money. There’s truly no way to guarantee that your video marketing content is reaching the people you’re trying to target. In this case, you’ve invested money into marketing services without getting the results you’re looking for. This is an unfortunate situation for any business to find themselves in.

The idea of targeting certain audiences through marketing is a simple one, but it is significantly more complicated than it sounds. Everything from The process of analyzing customers, to satisfying their needs, are just the tip of the iceberg. Regardless, it’s a gamble. You’re taking a chance on winning your customers over instead of guaranteeing their business.

Thankfully, there’s an effective way to help you stand out above the rest! Direct mail can benefit the auto dealership industry in more ways than one. There are plenty of direct mail strategies that can be used to capture your customer’s attention and keep them around.

How to Effectively Use Direct Mail

There’s a myriad of ways to use direct mail in the auto industry. Marketing professionals often recommend them for a reason- they bring in customers! Take a look at some ways you can use direct mail in your business.

The “Limited-Time Offer” Strategy

Limited-time offers are a fantastic way to sell those models that won’t seem to leave your lot. Limited-time offers compel customers. They offer them a chance at something special and exclusive, unlike regular sales. It also promotes a sense of priority, making customers feel the need to act now more than ever. With direct mail, you can even mail limited-time offers specifically to those who can afford the models you are trying to sell. This is a great way to avoid wasting money on advertising to those unlikely to purchase.

Hosting a Test-Drive Event

What better way to attract people to your lot than to hose a party? Not a literal party, of course, but a party that gives customers the experience of driving your cars! When customers purchase a car, they usually finalize their decision based on how well the test drive goes. If they truly enjoy the drive, they’re likely to come back and bring it home. It’s significantly easier to avoid purchasing a new car if you haven’t driven it. Creating an event that specializes in that crucial part of a car sale is an extremely effective advertising strategy. Simply hire an experienced marketing professional to print and send invitations to your targeted audience!

Sponsoring Effortless Credit Approval

The credit approval process is one of the most stressful parts of buying a new car. Thankfully, you can relieve the concerns of customers by using a no-pain credit processing plan. With direct mail, you can share your message with your targeted audience and attract happy customers.

New Vehicles, Discounts, and Rebates- Oh My!

Directly displaying new vehicles with stats, discounts, and rebates allows your customers to get an idea of what vehicles your business offers. Knowing this information before visiting your lot will make your customers comfortable and confident investing their money into your vehicles! You can promote your vehicles and additional information through direct mail, and mail lists that target people who can afford your vehicles will inevitably attract people to your lot over others.

The “Year-End Sale Strategy”

Many successful businesses utilize a year-end sale in order to get rid of the extra vehicles they have on their lot. We know you want to make room for new cars! You can easily use direct mail to spread the word about your sale and target that information to a specific audience.

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