What Makes Direct Mail Jax So Effective?

Direct mail has been utilized by marketing professionals for a very long time. It’s data-driven, easily-integrated, and a crucial tool that successful businesses use. Direct mail can be combined with other marketing outlets such as social media and e-mail, allowing you to reach even more people than before. We live in a technologically-proficient society that spends hours at a time on social media. While electronic marketing techniques are effective, there are benefits to physical, direct mail that are even more effective.

People tend to avoid utilizing direct mail in their businesses for plenty of reasons. It may seem like too much of a pain, too pricey, or too time-consuming. Many social media-based marketing outlets allow you to target specific audiences for a low price. However, because direct mail is seen as the more expensive marketing technique, people often overlook direct mail as an option for their business. It can truly be a successful addition to your marketing toolbox! Instead of offering a hands-on, creative source of marketing, many businesses resort to what’s often seen as oversaturated electronic advertising. Take a look at what direct mail can do for your Jacksonville business!

What Exactly Makes Direct Mail Effective?

It Uses Data to Target Customers

There’s a common misconception that electronic marketing utilizes data more than direct mail, but that’s far from the case. Direct mail gathers extensive amounts of data in order to advertise to the right people. Marketing professionals often take this data from things like online surveys, loyalty cards, magazine subscriptions, charity donations, back product warranties, and credit card purchases. Other information like the size of the household and the location are also used to target to certain recipients over others. Direct mail customizes the content and design of whatever you are looking to advertise so that it’s perfect for the recipient, bringing them to your lot!

It Works Well with Media Marketing

Direct mail is already an effective marketing practice. However, it’s even more efficient when working with media marketing. Direct mail is already an effective marketing practice. However, it’s even more efficient when working with media marketing. This includes social media and content on the web. Direct mail is not an electronic form of marketing, but there are benefits to it that media mediums don’t share. For instance, it’s easily measurable, allowing you to keep track of your budget. Contrary to popular belief, it will put you at an advantage compared to only using electronic marketing.

Targeting Customers Makes It Personal

Inserting recipient’s names into e-mails and utilizing retargeting ads is an old and fundamental way to gain their attention. There are significantly more innovative and effective ways to do so! One of those ways is to use direct mail as a more personalized form of advertisement. People are used to having a flooded inbox full of ads. When you use physical mail to reach your potential customers, it feels unique and sentimental. This is especially true for younger generations that don’t receive or send physical mail often. This goes without saying that your customers likely receive more electronic ads than they do physical ads. With this in mind, businesses take advantage of the sentiment and “new” experience that comes from receiving a letter addressed to you.

It’s Hands-On

So much communication occurs behind a computer of smartphone screen, and for some people, a majority of their communication exists through technology. Whether it’s work-related or personal, a majority of people are used to communicating through a screen. This is a huge advantage that direct mail has over electronic marketing. It feels different than what most recipients are used to. You can build direct mail into many shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. From brochures, to letters, to magazines, there are plenty of styles to use as well. This will leave your customers intrigued, catching their attention and actively involving them. With this in mind, physical mail is not only personal- it can be fun!

Wrapping Up

There are many successful marketing techniques you can utilize in your auto industry. And while there is nothing wrong with electronic marketing, it’s extremely effective to pair it with direct mail. Direct mail marketing campaigns benefit businesses of all kinds. What better way to display your deals, rates, and brand new vehicles than a colorful, fun brochure mailed directly to your future customers? Direct mail is easily implemented in social or web marketing. Additionally, it’s easy to keep track of, and it can be both personal and hands-on. This doesn’t just capture your recipient’s decision. It brings them to your Jacksonville lot!

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