Using Direct Mail to Attract Jacksonville Millennials to Your Site

It’s very normal for auto industries to be careful about marketing to your targeted audience. In addition to establishing your targeted audience, you also need to consider how you will market to Millennials.

Now, this is one of the areas of marketing that requires an open mind. People often view Millennials as technologically-obsessed and unreachable when it comes to “old-fashioned” marketing techniques such as direct mail. People often assume that Millennials only acknowledge digital marketing, but that is simply not the case. Direct mail is a great way to reach Millennials in ways that electronic marketing can’t! Here are some reasons direct mail is beneficial in attracting Millennials to your lot.

Statistics Don’t Lie

MarketingProfs conducted a study on marketing to Millennials and their responses to different types of advertising. Did you know that 84% of Millennials check their inbox on a regular basis? This statistic makes sense. But did you know that half of the Millennials surveyed said they ignore digital ads? And did you know that only 15% of them ignore direct mail? These are extremely important numbers to consider when targeting Millennials!

This leads us to the question we will answer for you. Why isn’t online marketing effective for a generation that’s so proficient with technology? To answer this question, there are two major things to consider.

Millennials have experienced internet marketing most of their lives

Unlike the previous generation, Millennials understood how to install ad blockers when they were children. With how many pop-up ads and sparkling banners they’ve been exposed to, they’ve learned how to effectively scan a page or a site and completely ignore the advertisements targeted at them. Think about how many online ads you see on the internet today. Whether you’re browsing your social media feed or exploring websites on your favorite browser, you probably tune out ads too. Considering how Millennials have learned to tune out ads, you don’t want your pricey electronic marketing efforts to go to waste.

Online marketing has made millennials hesitant and cautious

There are many scams and frauds disguised as ads on the internet. On top of tuning out ads, Millennials have learned how to avoid ads that look unofficial or sketchy. When you utilize direct mail, your targeted audience builds a sense of trust and legitimacy that digital marketing rarely achieves. Additionally, direct mail is less likely to be a scam. When 90% percent of Millennials think mail reliable and 87% enjoy receiving it, why not use it to bring them to your lot?

Aside from the statistics, it’s important to consider how often people ignore digital ads. This is not exclusive to Millennials- we all do it! There are simply too many digital ads for us to explore. We guarantee that future generations will be just as exhausted from online advertising. Direct mail is proven to be both trustworthy and effective in helping your business succeed!

Direct Mail Works with Millennials

Direct mail attracts people to your business in a way digital mail can’t

The experience of opening a letter or brochure and seeing what it’s inside entices people, unlike digital marketing, which is significantly more likely to be ignored.

There are very basic, easy strategies to bring millennials to your lot

Design choices such as colors, fonts, textures, layouts, shapes, and sizes can all be used to capture your targeted audience’s attention. When it comes to the content of your direct mail, Millennials are more likely to read ads that keep details to a minimum. Keeping the content of your ad short, sweet, and to the point will also entice curiosity, making your targeted audience want to learn more about you and your business. Additionally, Millennials respond well to supporting a cause. Including things like mission statements or how they are benefiting their community is a fantastic way to attract them to your business over your competitors!

Direct Mail Helps Promote Online Traffic

Direct mail can contribute to the success of your digital marketing. Direct mail does not have to completely ignore your electronic marketing efforts! You can easily insert a URL, QR code, or social media handle onto your direct mail. This way, if Millennials are interested in your business, they can learn more about it through outlets they are familiar with. You can even build a personalized “welcome page” for potential customers that includes things like articles, videos, and other important content you feel can benefit both your website visitors and your business.

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